Akarshan Yantra Energized (15 Days Mantra Jap)

2,699 Rs

Important Note regarding the Akarshan Yantra

  • All our Yantras our 24 carat Gold-Plated.
  • A Akarshan Yantras is of NO USE IF it has not been ENERGIZED. It can even show negative results instead! An Energized Akarshan Yantra is the only one that will provide the benefits listed.
  • A Akarshan Yantra, or any Yantra for that matter, is energized through a specific pooja and mantra jaap done for that yantra (see instructions below).
  • We STRONGLY advise everyone to buy only an ENERGIZED AKARSHAN YANTRA - otherwise you could well get zero or negative results instead.


About the Akarshan Yantra

Akarshan Yantra, as the name goes is an ‘Attraction Yantra’, which helps a person bearing it in getting the attention of a particular person, or one and all in the Universe. Akarshan Yantra helps its holder to have an improved personality and better attention holding ability, which results in making that person getting noticed among others or in the eyes of a particular individual. Akarshan Yantra is a strong and an astonishing Yantra for making an impact on the other person or over to everyone in general.

Akarshan Yantra develops a magnetic ability in its bearer, which helps him/her in creating genial and jovial relations with others, and in getting professional and personal favors from others in his/her life. Bearers of Akarshan Yantra develop this ability to make their influence felt over others. That’s why; those looking to win over the heart of others or someone of the opposite gender, whom they love, bear Akarshan Yantra.

It is said that an individual with an Akarshan Yantra is able to make an influence over the person whom they love. The bearer of the Yantra is able to get the attention of the dream person of his/her life within a period of 40 days to 90 days from the date of bearing it. After bearing Akarshan Yantra, those who wish to win someone they truly love will derive and experience its benefits, much before than this period.

Those who wish to bear Akarshan Yantra should do the same on the night of Friday, after giving it a bath in the holy water of Ganges, milk, yoghurt, and then, after worshipping it with incense and lamps. One should keep this Akarshan Yantra enfolded up in a red colored cloth, either in the pocket of their shirt or in their purse. One may also bear this Yantra in a form of rosary.

One looking to derive utmost benefits from Akarshan Yantra should daily worship the Yantra. One with an Akarshan Yantra will taste an earlier success if he/she worships the Yantra with complete faith and belief. The Mantra for Akarshan Yantra is: “Omm Kleem Namah”.