Parad Durga Murti

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Parad Durga Murti is an idol with the blessings of Goddess Durga in it. A person who bears and worships it with complete devotion and true belief always remain under the gracious eyes of Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga, considered as the Divine Mother is a premium symbol of strength of the Absolute Being. She is the one who controls and maintains moral order and rectitude in the whole creation. Goddess Durga works towards preserving these attributes in the mankind.

Goddess Durga symbolizes for a united divine that has the power of all the divine forces, who fight against all the wickedness and iniquity in the world. Those who possess Parad Durga Murti and put in a devoted worship of Goddess Durga remain protected from evil and negative energies. Evil qualities like hatred, egotism, envy, injustice, abhorrence, rage, ego, etc. remains away from that person.

It is said that the eighteen arms of the Goddess Durga restrains the united power of all the nine incarnations of the Lord Vishnu, which took Avtar on earth in nine different periods of time. Also, different kind of weapons possessed by the Goddess Durga in the Parad Durga Murti depicts that one single weapon is insufficient to destroy all kinds of enemies, or all kinds of evils.