Tulsi Mala

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About Tulsi Mala
Tulsi Mala is a rosary made out of the stems of the sacred Tulsi plant. Assembled up of in a traditional way, it has 108 + 1 beads aligned together with one another with the support of a sting, with knots in between every two beads. The ‘+1’ bead, also called as Guru Bead, lies separate out of the line in a tassel. It is for the purpose of marking a beginning and an end in the otherwise constant rosary. At the time of meditating or reciting Mantras over a rosary, a Guru Bead is not counted or considered. It is only the 108 beads aligned together, which are considered to keep a check over the number of time a Mantra has been recited.

Attributes of Tulsi
Tulsi, which belongs to basil herb, is believed to be a highly sacred plant in Indian tradition, and probably more sacred than any other plant. Having it at home is considered to be equally auspicious. Many believe that doing so turns that place as sacred as a pilgrimage. Also, envoys of Lord of Death never enter that house. One can also very easily find them in the courtyard of temples. It is because of the belief that it personifies for a Hindu deity, and it is out of that belief that people worship it.

There are number of popular legends which confirm for its auspiciousness. Amongst them, one of the most popular legend while describing about its origin states that Lord Vishnu, the preserver of creation, created it out of the disruptive sea with a purpose to serve creation. Besides these legends, the auspiciousness and effectiveness of Tulsi plant has been well confirmed by scientific theories who state it to be an exceptional healing tool comprised of several useful healing properties.

Tulsi Mala, as formed out of the stems of Tulsi plant, is nonetheless auspicious or effective. It derives as effective results as one would have otherwise derived out of having Tulsi plant in his home.

Healing Properties
Tulsi Mala has been confirmed to be a great natural healer. It is comprised of several healing properties which make it work as an effective healing tool for problems of chronic fever, common cold, bronchitis, stomach disorders, and throat related diseases. It is highly recommended to those having any sort of skin related problem. Also, it works effectively for all health complications as caused out of an irregular wind within the system. It is believed to hold traces of Mercury within itself, which enable it to act as an effective Ayurvedic treatment for curing cancer. On the whole, it helps one to get rid of all sorts of perceptible and imperceptible impurities.

Other Valuable Benefits
It confers mental peace and good health. It settles in a divine state of purity and brightness within the environment where it is placed. It also forbids any sort of impurities to enter into that environment. No matter in which deity do you hold a belief in, it helps in augmenting the intensity of devotion lying within you. However, it is considered to be in particularly effective for those devotees who put in worships and recite Mantras in adoration of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, and Lord Ram. Amongst them, devotion dedicated to Lord Vishnu gets far more intense and one attains exceptionally quick beneficial results, much because of the belief that Lord Vishnu himself highly adores Tulsi.

Note: Tulsi Mala should be preferred to be worn as close as possible to the body. That makes it act in a far more effective way.